CVs in USAID Proposals

If you’ve written a CV for a USAID proposal, you know that sometimes the candidate’s original CV can be kind of a mess. At Keylime Academy, we’ve seen some real doozies. 😱

Bear in mind that most CVs submitted in response to a posting for a USAID role aren’t customized for the position. Candidates often use the same CV over and over—and it may be a sort of “everything version” that lists every role and every task, no matter how minor. You’ll need to determine what’s relevant and organize and present that information in a way that’s responsive to the solicitation.

It’s important to have a framework to organize the information so the CV that goes into the proposal is not only readable but easily digestible, showcasing why the candidate is the best fit for the job. This goes beyond ensuring everything’s in chronological order; it’s a far bigger job than simply transferring information from the original CV into your organization’s format.

The LATCH Principle

The LATCH principle can help you sift and sort through information and present it in a logical, uniform way. Using this framework will make your candidate’s experience easier to understand and will reveal gaps where you may need to follow up.


Try the LATCH principle as you transform the CVs that candidates submit into proposal winners. It works great for other proposal sections—or any kind of business writing—as well.